Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ticket Home

As we approach Father's Day, thoughts of Dad return with vigor. Thoughts of, "Hey, I need to call Dad tomorrow," or "It sure would be great to hear his voice again." Many fond memories flood my thoughts these days, just as fresh and vibrant as the day they occurred.

I remember going with Dad to the airport to fly somewhere and watching him at the ticket counter. He exchanged tickets for boarding passes so we all gained permission to go to our destination. I imagine something similar happened when my Dad was called home to heaven. It may have gone something like this:

God's angel: "So, are you ready to go?"

Dad: "Not quite yet. I want to hang on a little longer for my family."

Angel: "They're all here. And they're singing."

Dad: "I'm not just talking about my sons, daughter, and wife. Everyone who I considered a friend is my family, too. We're all part of God's family."

Angel: "You got a point there. Thanks to your hard work, many are part of God's family. We can wait a little longer."

Dad: "Do you hear the prayers for 'complete healing'?"

Angel: "Yes, I hear the requests. Let's ask our Father what He thinks about it, because I was sent to bring you home. Now, I don't know."

Dad: "OK. Father, if it be Your will, please allow for my complete healing."

Angel: "He said, 'The only way complete healing can happen is when you come live with Me in heaven."

Dad: "Then it is Your will and not mine, Father. I remember when You called my children's mother home a long time ago. It was a lot like this."

Angel: "Seems like just yesterday I escorted that lovely servant home. She was a diligent worker, too."

Dad: "Thanks for taking care of her. Now, I must prepare for my trip home. Any suggestions?"

Angel: "Well, the Father has seen fit to give you a few more days to prepare and give your heritage time to say goodbye."

Dad: "Thank you, Father, for You alone are worthy of honor and praise. The only request I have is to open my eyes one more time before I leave. I can hear my family singing me home. They were such a blessing to have and to hold for the time we were together on earth."

Angel: "When you see your Savior and Lord welcoming you home, nothing will keep you from opening your eyes!"

Dad: "OK, but it seems so soon. I can see the doors of heaven opening."

Angel: "You're right. It's not much longer now. Look! Do you see Him?"

Dad: "No, my eyes are still closed. Let me try - WOA!! I can see Him!!"

Angel: "Your Savior has something to say to you."

Dad: "He said, 'Welcome home, good and faithful servant."

I imagine my father's ticket home was sealed by the blood of Christ Jesus and exchanged for a boarding pass when he suffered the massive stroke.

Rest in peace, dear Dad, on this Father's Day. Your journey is complete.


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